Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things totally bothering me right now

Someone should have warned us about the feasibility of kayaking during a drought. Because now I can tell my children I walked the Guadalupe River. Yes, that’s right. We probably spent three of our four-mile trip dragging 40 lbs. kayaks behind us while we trudged through a river of slippery, algae-covered rock. Not quite the afternoon I was hoping for.

The Real Estate market in my neighborhood is booming. It’s a nice change from The Great Depression going on in Cleveland right now except…. Do we really need to start wielding the hammers and pouring concrete at 7 a.m.? There are two houses under construction next door and all day. Also? Take a look at what’s just outside my door:

Yep, every time one of these guys takes a leak I have to hear about it.

The Husband has coined the term Mexnecks – the Mexican version of a redneck - to describe the trashy people in our neighborhood who partied on their driveway on Saturday night – they even brought their living room furniture out for more seating. And there were more than a few toddlers wandering around IN THE STREET wearing nothing but a diaper.

The Husband is in South Carolina for the week and I am bored out of my mind. The Army doesn’t pay for wives to travel with their husbands and it was a $400 plane ticket. So that’s why I am here, alone, in San Antonio, with nothing but a computer and two cats to keep me company.

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