Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weather Alert

People in Cleveland like to joke that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes” because it’s not unusual to see an 80-degree morning and drive home from work in a snowstorm.

But Cleveland ain’t got nothin’ on San Antonio’s weather.

I just got home from a FIVE–HOUR wait at the Volkswagen dealership (and they didn’t even wash my care – what are we? In a drought?) for a recall on my Jetta and it was sunny, glorious, and I was considering grabbing a book and sitting in the sun. Ten minutes later I am chasing our garbage cans down the street in 40-mph winds (and I do mean down – we’re on a steep hill).

I am seriously scared of the storms here. I half-expect to see a cow fly by à la Twister - oh wait, I think that movie was set in Oklahoma.

Maybe they just look scarier because of all the dust whirling around (because have I mentioned? We’re in a drought). And because of this drought you’d think we’d all be happy to see those rain clouds rumbling in right?

(Note the trash can - that's not ours. It's from up the street)

Except, they’re not bringing rain.

Thunder? Check.

Lightening? Check.

Hurricane-force winds? Defintely check.

Rain? Sorry, all out.

I did get my fill of torrential downpours over the weekend in Dallas. The Husband had to go there for a week-long seminar so I decided to tag along ….but that also meant I had to drive separately. But after 25+ hours in a car – what’s 4.5? phhsaww.

Dallas, you can have your ego and your overpriced boots. I’ll take San Antonio any day. Is it me or is there no life in downtown Dallas? The Husband and I went down to see the site of JFK’s assassination and hopefully catch some Dallas flavor at a bar or two.

When we gave our car to the valet he excitedly pointed out the T.G. I Friday’s across the street.


Oh, and a Mexican place next door. Um, I’ve had my fill of Mexican food, you know, living in the Mexican epicenter of Texas and all. Bring on the steakhouses! Where are they? Come to think of it that Chili’s along the tollway seemed a bit too crowded for a city so close to stockyards full of yummy cows. What gives?

And…for the first time someone since I arrived in the Lone Star State I was cold. COLD. It was 74 degrees in Dallas - a full 30 degrees colder than when I got in my car that morning. I had to BUY A SWEATER because - stupid me - I packed nothing but sundresses and tank tops – my uniform back home in San Anton.

And it was raining. So much that there was no way I could maneuver myself around a strange city to do any sightseeing. I settled for Plano (where our hotel was) and its sea of …strip malls. It looks exactly like a suburb of Chicago. Or Columbus. It, literally, was Anytown, USA.

Needless to say I drove back home three days early. Ahhh. Home, sweet home. And look! The sun is out again!

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