Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Latest Developments

One more week and I am officially in my second trimester! It's still so abstract to think I am going to have a kid. A kid that will bear some sort of resemblance of me. Who will have some of my personality traits. God, I hope he/she gets my sense of humor. And maybe The Husband's analytical skills and nose.

I officially grew out of a pair of pants that were too big three months ago. I invested in a belly band AND maternity undergarments. Belly, I. Am. Ready.

The Husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary completely sober this weekend in Austin. I wasn't even sober on my wedding night.

OK, I DID have a glass of wine at dinner because I am JUST at the cusp where I can still order a drink without judging facing in return. It was so delicious...but probably because I haven't pickled myself in wine in over three months. Man am I a cheap date! If you are ever in Austin, do your taste buds a favor and go to Perry's Steakhouse (http://www.perryssteakhouse.com). They also have several desserts that come ON FIRE - who doesn't want that?

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