Thursday, June 4, 2009

Smooth Move

Yesterday the moving company people came over to inventory our house for the truck. They left some “useful” pamphlets and stuff about how this will be the Smoothest Move We’ve Ever Had!

The info is great … but the pictures are better. The marketing department had fun with this one.

For example …

Yep, this man is packing up a fish. Whose does that? I totally hope it breaks into "Gimme back my Filet 'O Fish" and this guy freaks out (or decides to hit up a McD's for lunch - either way, McDonalds' marketing department wins) . And he’s totally violating one of the rules in the pamphlet: no perishables. Next...

Why is this guy huffing a box around on his back? Is he in training and this is, like, his hazing? Can’t he not borrow that dolly from Mr. Condescending I Can Move Four Boxes At Once? Plus, that’s totally gonna fuck up your back, dude. You better not carry my Crate and Barrel dishes like that. We’ll have words.

"Have a question about your move? We’ll put you in touch with sexually confused Tom here. And his teeth glow in the dark"

"Ah, it’s great to be in my new home even though my cheap ass husband only bought me this one daisy."

"Let’s just relax on the kitchen floor here as a family. And hey, let me just get to second base here with my wife while my small children watch." (and…dude? Kurt Cobain called - he wants his jeans back)


  1. ahahahhahha. that last one is the best! second base....hilarious :)

  2. That was spit my water out funny. For real!