Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This fire's a burnin'

Here’s something I never had to deal with in rain-sodden Cleveland: Brush fires. Right now there’s a bad one just north of us and I really hope it doesn’t come any closer. I feel so bad for those firefighters – it’s 105 degrees in the brush, along with 200 degree flames. That can’t be an easy day at the office.

Sorry this isn’t light and witty – but it IS a part of life in South Texas. I’ve uploaded some pics below. (Yes, it'd be great if I had a camera made in the millenium with an optical zoom wouldn't it? Ahem, my wedding anniversary AND birthday are coming up...)

The white you see is the smoke from the fire....Oh! and check out our view of downtown San Anton.
Notice the construction site next door. Yeah...it's nice waking up to 6 a.m. hammering. Just HOW LONG does it take to build a house?

The plume of smoke is the center of the fire.

OK you get the idea...

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