Sunday, August 1, 2010

She's back!

Ah, but I am no longer an unemployed housewife! In fact, my life has made a complete 180 since my last post. I got a job, I got a promotion, I made friends, I learned to love life and Texas and...

I'm pregnant!

I thought I'd continue my blog as a way for family and friends who are just ITCHING to know the ins and outs of my pregnancy. I'll be honest, being away from immediate family while pregnant will be hard. And it's not just because I know I won't get a baby shower! it?

So far, the pregnancy has been smooth sailing. I vaguely remember my sister living at home while she was pregnant and throwing up all day. I used to throw up in the kitchen sink just from hearing those wretched puking sounds. THAT is how much I hate puke in all forms. Yet, I am voluntarily sailing into puking waters with my own possible puking stage and baby puke. Ever notice baby puke smells like hot sour milk?

But so morning sickness! Just the occasional faintness and back pain like I've never experienced in my LIFE.

In fact, I made The Husband buy a FIFTH pregnancy test because...honestly? Shouldn't I feel something? A little twinge? A little tug? Do I have to be a mom to have a maternal instinct? I feel NOTHING. So in addition to four at-home tests, a urine test at the doctor and another test today....I'm finally convinced I am most likely, possibly pregnant.

I hope?

Wait...this is why everyone calls pregnant ladies crazy, right?

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