Sunday, August 15, 2010

Money shot

So The Husband and I had our first glimpse of lil' Jelly Bean on Tuesday with an 8-week ultrasound. Yeah, it's not what you think. It's an INTERNAL exam...meaning I got to stick a wand up in me with a small audience in the room (tech, nurse, Husband...). Not my finest moment. Then, the tech uses the wand to navigate my cookie looking for signs of life.

The whole process is a bit like when you're on a plan and you decide to forego the headphones for the movie. Then, all of a sudden people are laughing and pointing while you and sit with your in-flight magazine studying the drink menu and map of Dulles Airport in the back wondering what the hell is so damn amusing. The husband looks like he's watching a really good porn and the tech is nervously peeking around in my uterus saying "ooh, I found the bladder! Oh! There's your left ovary! You have two ovaries after all."

FINALLY Mr. McNervous McNotFunnyPants shows me the screen and points out a little flicker. "That's the heartbeat."

And then it's all worth it...except if he maybe could have let go of the wand while saying it. Hello! It's not a stick shift!

It's too early to learn the baby's sex and we don't know if he or she is normal or has some life-threatening disease...or if he/she's hiding a second brother or sister behind him/her...but we DO know that:
1. He or she is human, and
2. He or she is alive

That's enough for me for now:)

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