Monday, August 9, 2010

Things I Crave: An 8 Week Confession

The second thing people ask me when I tell them I am pregnant (after "You? Pregnant?" OK third question...) is if I have any strange cravings. I think they're hoping for a pickles and ice cream tale, but if you know me, you know that's in my diet already. I regularly call gummi worms lunch and cereal dinner. What Baby is craving is four food groups and a healthy balance of fiber and protein, apparently. Over the past two weeks I've had insatiable cravings for:

Salad: specifically with beautifully crunchy romaine lettuce and all the toppings from the Whole Foods salad bar. The Husband can't appreciate my $9-three-days-a-week must-have fix just yet, but when my child has all four limbs, a nose and two eyes...buddy, HE IS GONNA THANK ME. (Note: there are .05 grams of protein in a bag of gummi worms...)

Water with lemon: This may or may not have to do with the fact that the water that comes from the water fountain in my centuries-old office building tastes centuries-old.

Watermelon: I actually ate an entire seedless watermelon in one sitting. And my stomach looked like it when finished - and full of water.

Chocolate milk: Look, it's kinda healthy.

Weather under 90 degrees: Because swooning is SO 1854. It's unbecoming in the middle of the mall, too.

A glass of REAL pinot noir. Because Alcohol Free Wine? No. Same goes for you, O'Doul's Amber Ale.


  1. Thanks for resurrecting the blog! It's so fun to read about how you're doing with the baby on board!

  2. Gummi worms? Psssssssh!
    You need some Gummie Tummies, ma'am! Think they'd melt in the mail?

    Congrats on your crazy science experiment!!!! ;~)

  3. My Husband is is Cleveland for the weekend and you better believe Gummy Tummies are going to be in his suitcase!