Monday, August 10, 2009

So how'd you find me?

Here are some awesome things people Google and end up at my blog, according to my site stats:

Jello shot wife Texas (I’d like to meet her!)

larger than 5 ounce jello shot container (what’s with all the Jello referrals? Oh yeah)

san antonio craigslist personals dont work (Do you really need to google it to figure that out?)

antonio zumba ohio (eh, boring)

TUBE HUSWIFE (this is from Greece and my page comes up with about 30 or so porn pages…I bet this guy (girl?) was really disappointed to find my me bitching about hot weather instead of a kinky “huswife”

Myleene Davis + scam (someone else who’s been burned by WB digitals Media)

real next door house wife tubes (is this popular in Greece?)

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