Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random things on my mind:

Mother’s Day is on Sunday and, well, unemployment makes Amanda a very frugal girl. I wonder if, at 32, I could get away with making a popsicle-stick flower pot? Or perhaps my hand in plaster?

Would I have followers if I Twittered? Or would I just be another pompous asshole who thinks everyone wants to read my shit? I mean, a blog is so much more humble.

I am such a minority at the grocery store during the day. The demographics are about:
· 70 percent people older than f*ck
· 29 percent crazy people who just want to eat the free samples, and
· 1 percent sarcastic unemployed editors

Whoever watches "Marley and Me" and doesn’t absolutely sob their eyes out is dead inside.

I am not qualified to be the editor of Cowboys and Indians magazine because one of the job requirements is: "Familiarity with cowboys and indians or Western lifestyle is a plus." Cowboys can suck it.

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