Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Say Cheese and Crackers!

My nephew posted some of his senior pictures on Facebook. I have to say, senior portraits have certainly changed since I got them in … ahem … 1995. He’s all artsy with his guitar and they actually look like they came from a Spin magazine photo shoot.

There was no gigantic number signifying the graduation year; no leaning, arms crossed, against a tree; no peek-a-boo shot out of the barn window; no awkward pose on a bale of hay because … you know, that really says "this is the last photo you will see of me sober until my wedding photos -cherish it and put it in your wallet!"

Now that I think about it, why were photographers in the ’90s so obsessed with country settings? We lived in the suburbs of Toledo for chrissake. I should have been leaning against the wall of the nearest strip mall.

My senior picture was the classic “look at yourself pensively in this mirror on the table in front of you” pose. I’m not even kidding. I’d post it here but I really try to forget those awkward teenage years before I found my friends eyebrow tweezer and hair pomade.

Maybe it’s time for some retakes. The funny thing? I still own the sweater I am wearing in my senior picture.

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  1. i would love to retake my senior pictures. so so stupid. in one of my pictures, I was in a dress, and they had me leaning on the '96 blocks. WTF. who hires these photographers?

    i didn't know you started a blog! i love it :)