Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Someone tell me there is a fountain of free beer flowing in my backyard

...because I could really use some good news right about now. The Husband's Army doc refuses to release him as "fit" for the Army because he had heart stent surgery in March and now takes Plavix to prevent blood clots because, um, he doesn't need to be the youngest heart patient in the hospital twice. He has to jump through some alternative hoops to get clearance.

He wants me to stay positive.

Hi, I'm sorry Positive ... have we met? Because thinking about you has never garnered good results. And frankly, I am just not an optimist.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. Oh! and the Cavs lost! And I have ZERO job prospects in either city! And I'm pretty sure The Real Failure of Cleveland blog will not be as exciting for my four(!) followers.

**sound of me being kicked while down**

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  1. that sucks! i mean to comment on this before...but probably got distracted by something shiny. anyway, when do you find out whether or not you will be moving?