Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where the Streets Have Odd Names

I think the Street Naming People in San Antonio are having trouble keeping up with the urban sprawl. Here is a list of street names I’ve come across while searching for rental houses:

Dull Knife Way (Or, where Freddie Krueger retired when he was done terrorizing sex-crazed teenagers on Elm street)

Pony Corral (unfortunately access to actual ponies was not listed among the home’s amenities.)

Rebel Grove (so much cooler than the Passive-Aggressive Grove two streets over)

Cpt. Steubing Ship Road (in this neighborhood, all of the streets have a nautical theme, which begs the question: Was "Loveboat" their inspiration?)

Cat Mesa (Rowllll.)

Lion Moon Road (It’s like they pulled two names out of a hat “Lion…Moon. Let’s just go with that.” Other suggested names: Dog Hat Drive, Car Tree Ave., Bird Milk Court)

Rocky Balboa Drive (formerly Apollo Creed Drive - until the big event in 1982)

Chivalry (Everyone’s really polite on this road. Ba dum bum! Thanks folks, I’ll be here all night.)

Crooked Stick Ave. (heh. I am 8 years old.)

Boatman Pier (Not even close to a body of water. Or a pier. Or boats.)

The Bends (Baby’s got 'em)

Dill Weed Run (Dumbass Road was taken)

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  1. dull knife way? seriously? who would want to live on a street with a name like that? are all of the addresses 666? does it run parallel to a river of blood?